Your wedding is the day before Halloween. Does that mean we should wear costumes?

If you want to get dressed up we would love it if you came as a "Wedding Guest". John will be putting together a groom outfit and Katy will be going as a bride. We think we'll look pretty realistic, since we're starting to put our ensembles together already. Note: there will be no costume judging or prizes. ;-)

Okay, so what's the real dress code?

We're having an evening wedding, which is a little unusual these days, particularly in the US. Traditionally, evening weddings are a more formal affair than day weddings, and in this case we'd like to keep with tradition. Officially, we're going with "Semi-Formal." What exactly does that mean?

  • Men: You've got it pretty simple: A dark-colored suit with a tie is the most appropriate, and your best bet. If you've got black-tie garb and are feeling swanky, go for it. But it's definitely not required.
  • Women: There's a fair amount of variation, but generally speaking, cocktail dresses and dressier pant/dress suits are the best choice. Full-length evening/ball gowns would be over the top. :)

Where is the registry?

We're pleased as punch that you want to help celebrate our marriage and we really do believe that your presence is present enough. However, for those looking for it, our registry can be found online at the following website: http://www.myregistry.com/public/Katy-Korchik-John-Reilly

This registry is more or less a simple wish list, and it's not tied to any one particular store. Items on the list may be purchased anywhere. If you click on the "View or Buy This Gift" button next to a gift, you'll be given options for marking the item as having been purchased. 

Can we bring our kids?

We would be happy to have them. However, if you plan to bring kids under 5 years old, let us know because we may ask someone to entertain them in another room during the ceremony.

Is Katy making your cake?

There will be some sweet treats from Katy's kitchen, but no formal wedding cake.

What does "heavy hors d'oeurves" mean? Should I eat first?

There won't be a seated dinner, but we're going to have LOTS of food. Please bring your appetite.